Saturday, 4 February 2012

New obssesion

Okay, hi. At the moment I'm obsessed with The Hunger Games. CAN'TWAITFORMOVIEOMFG-EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!! So, because it's cool, I'm putting this in:

Like, cool! Bubblyspacegirl xxx

Friday, 3 February 2012

Links to Check out

Hey. Sorry for no update. Tons of tests? Agh, guess it's no excuse for no update. Sorry.

to make it better, here are some exciting new links for you to check out!:
Hunger Games Animated GIF
Bubblyspacegirl's DeviantArt: SparksandIce
Our friend's amazing website

Okay, that's all I have to offer... except: Safe And Sound - Amazing song on Hunger Games soundtrack

See ya peeps

Monday, 30 January 2012


On p30 so far of first script, and still going strong! Sorry for no update, been busy. We will both be seeing Warhorse at the weekend, so will write a review on that. Bye


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I'm finally on... :)

Hey Guys 221bCamelot here. This is my first post WOW! I need an idea for the next DoctorMerlock script i'm stuck:( so if u think of ideas leave them in the comments.
See ya..

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Views... AAARGH!


This blog has... 17 VIEWS!!!! At least 10 are probably me, but still... THAT IS SO COOL!!!! 221bcamelot WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Okay, not much else
to say excpet... I'M ON P23 OF SCRIPT WOO HOO!!!!
Bye, mes amigoes

Friday, 13 January 2012

Sorry, people!

Hey, another short one.
Bubblyspacegirl here. Sorry I forgot quote. REally busy at the moment, so I din't have time. SORRY!!!!!!! Might update over weekend, though. Sorry bout that. Life and family and exams and all those complications :(

Bye for now

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Another Quicke

Hey non-existent readers. Bubblyspacegirl here (221bcamelot came on lat night about 3 am, but she didn't post). Will be posting a quote later on today, also we have 2 episodes being written currently, any requests for more please comment. ALSO PLEASE LOOK AT THIS PAGE THANK YOU AND BYE!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Just chatting

Hey 221bcamelot, when you have an idea for your episode of doctor merloc, tell me okay?

Nothing much to say right now. Bamf. Also, I don't usually know what to type on blogs, so... whatever

PS: May post a quote tommorow, depending on responses.


One of my friends who isn't on here just mistaked trifle for rifle. Lol. Need ideas for a reason that the TARDIS is in Camelot, if possible. Please commetn on our awesome blog. Need to go bye


Hey again

Hey. We are both here now. Typing. In space. Possibly.

Anyway, it's me, bubblyspacegirl, and my friend, who has decided on the wonderful name of 221bcamelot

So, yeah, we are both sittinghere. Doing not much. Sadly enough. Can't type for long. Just wanted to say hi. And awsomesauce. I've written the intro of the episode, which I can't say, but it gets into the plot very quickly, do not woory! ALso, 221bcamelot just flipped the keyboard over. Lol.

I have multiple blogs, I wonder how long this one will last. And no, I'm not telling you which ones they are. Tough luck.

We're off now, gotta go, GOODBYE MY AMIGOS
Bubblyspacegirl (And 221bcamelot)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Hey people out there. This blog isn't about me, so any of you crazed stalkers out there who want to get me, bad luck. Not your day. What this blog IS for, however, is the amazing crossover that is Doctor MerLock (Doctor Who, Merlin and BBC Sherlock). This was an idea me and my friend had whilst in a lesson, and spent the whole rest of the time discussing it. And I decided to make a blog about it. What will probably happen is either me or my friend will post online, and we will put something to do with the Doctor Merlock Script we are writing. It may be a brief sypnosis, or a quote, or a request for ideas. Or either/both of us obsessively fangirling over one/two/all of the shows. I don't know. Basically, all we'd like you to do is leave a comment and tell other writers about this blog. Also, if you have any great ideas, scenes, quotes or even a joke, leave it as a comment and if we decide to use it, you will be credited. We will not be posting full scripts or beta-ing full scripts, etc. If it wan't obvious, both of us have a social life, and therefore will not be dealing with your every writing need. Also, we will not post every night, because of aforementioned social life, and we are also writing a Merlin series (With 2 others), so not all our time will be dedicated to Doctor MerLock, especially as my friend has to write seven. I'm only doing two, which means I'll have more time for Doctor MerLock. So, deal with it.

Also, to make it easier for you readers, I'll sign a post with Bubblyspacegirl. I'll probably post more often than my friend. And she doesn't have a signing name yet, but she will soon.

Anyway, au revoir!