Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Hey people out there. This blog isn't about me, so any of you crazed stalkers out there who want to get me, bad luck. Not your day. What this blog IS for, however, is the amazing crossover that is Doctor MerLock (Doctor Who, Merlin and BBC Sherlock). This was an idea me and my friend had whilst in a lesson, and spent the whole rest of the time discussing it. And I decided to make a blog about it. What will probably happen is either me or my friend will post online, and we will put something to do with the Doctor Merlock Script we are writing. It may be a brief sypnosis, or a quote, or a request for ideas. Or either/both of us obsessively fangirling over one/two/all of the shows. I don't know. Basically, all we'd like you to do is leave a comment and tell other writers about this blog. Also, if you have any great ideas, scenes, quotes or even a joke, leave it as a comment and if we decide to use it, you will be credited. We will not be posting full scripts or beta-ing full scripts, etc. If it wan't obvious, both of us have a social life, and therefore will not be dealing with your every writing need. Also, we will not post every night, because of aforementioned social life, and we are also writing a Merlin series (With 2 others), so not all our time will be dedicated to Doctor MerLock, especially as my friend has to write seven. I'm only doing two, which means I'll have more time for Doctor MerLock. So, deal with it.

Also, to make it easier for you readers, I'll sign a post with Bubblyspacegirl. I'll probably post more often than my friend. And she doesn't have a signing name yet, but she will soon.

Anyway, au revoir!

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