Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hey again

Hey. We are both here now. Typing. In space. Possibly.

Anyway, it's me, bubblyspacegirl, and my friend, who has decided on the wonderful name of 221bcamelot

So, yeah, we are both sittinghere. Doing not much. Sadly enough. Can't type for long. Just wanted to say hi. And awsomesauce. I've written the intro of the episode, which I can't say, but it gets into the plot very quickly, do not woory! ALso, 221bcamelot just flipped the keyboard over. Lol.

I have multiple blogs, I wonder how long this one will last. And no, I'm not telling you which ones they are. Tough luck.

We're off now, gotta go, GOODBYE MY AMIGOS
Bubblyspacegirl (And 221bcamelot)

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